Exporting Shame: Competing Ownership Models in Pirated Transnational Media Flows

Spring/Summer 2021

For my Digital Humanities Capstone Project, I continued my research into the Skam franchise and fandom, looking specifically at audience metrics and the effects of piracy in the series’ international success. You can read more about my project here and watch my capstone presentation here.

Screenshot from my presentation on April 29, 2021

In June of 2021, I presented the same (modified for length) project at the Virtual Digital Humanities Summer Institute Conference & Colloquium and interacted with other participants via Twitter. This was my first conference outside of my undergraduate institution, and it was a great experience for me all around.

text, letter
My presentation abstract at the conference.

Omeka Project: Freemasonry in Georgia (forthcoming)

August 2020-June 2021

This DH project is forthcoming in 2023, but for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year (and summers), I worked as a research assistant for Dr. Alisa Luxenberg’s project on freemasonry in Georgia. I created the foundation of the Omeka site and exhibit and assisted in structuring the virtual and physical exhibits to mirror each other.