Entertainment & Media Studies (A.B.J.) | German (A.B.)

Transnational European Studies (Minor)

Interdisciplinary Writing (Certificate) | Digital Humanities (Certificate)

Disclaimer: one of the most highly asked questions I get in life is “so what are you studying?” followed quickly with a startled “…and what do you want to do with that?” I used to be a lot more stressed about that question – when I started my freshman year I really just followed every avenue of study that made me happy (I was a classics major for goodness sake!) so I really did not have a good answer for any of this. And in some ways I still feel like that’s enough – I love to learn, and if I’m paying tuition I do want something more out of it than just preparing me for a job market. However, I’ve fortunately come to find an intersection in what I study where I truly feel at home.

I listed above my undergraduate coursework, divided into programs of study. I’m not sure I could ever do these courses justice in a simple bullet point list, but I tried my best. * denotes credit used in more than one course of study, and bolded denotes Honors credit (note: “Honors option(ing)” refers to the process with which an Honors student at the University of Georgia can create an additional project or course of study with a professor of a general 3000-level course in order to receive Honors credit).  

*please see my research tab for more information on my body of work


Highest Honors | Summa Cum Laude | George M. Abney Award | Cecil B. Willcox Award | Top 75 Student Employee (2021) | Blue Key Honor Society | Phi Beta Kappa