03.20.22 – The Waiting in the Airport Blog Update

So it has certainly been a minute since I have updated the blog portion of my website – to be completely honest, it is mainly because since I started graduate school, things have moved so quickly that I have barely wrapped my head around any sort of blog update to write. However, I am sitting in one of my comfort zones (Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport of course; I really am not joking), and decided that it might be a good idea just to get something up before a full year has passed since my last blog post.

Since my last update, I have moved to Austin, Texas for my Master’s at the University of Texas at Austin in Media Studies, and I am so much more certain that it was the right program for me. I am just over halfway through my second semester there, and I have been able to take courses in Television Studies, Digital Identities, Brand Consumer Cultures, and Audience Development & Engagement (in addition to our required Theory & Literature and Research Methods courses), which have made me more secure in my research emphasis and some ideas of what I see for myself further down my career.

I also am currently a TA for the Department of Radio-Television-Film and a research fellow for the Center for Entertainment & Media Industries, and serve as a column editor for Flow and a member of the Velvet Light Trap editorial collective. These have been really amazing opportunities to grow as a researcher, team member, and critical thinker, and I hope to continue work like this throughout the rest of my time at UT.

What to even say about media since last June? Oh goodness. Some additions to my favorites of all-time: Only Murders in the Building (Hulu), Midnight Mass (Netflix), Abbott Elementary (ABC), and Spider-Man: No Way Home (I am still a Peter Parker loyalist, ever since I was a little kid). I loved Jeff Zentner’s new book (I cannot believe how long ago it feels that I read this) In the Wild Light, Holly Jackson’s As Good as Dead, Kara Thomas’s That Weekend, Karen McManus’s You’ll Be the Death of Me, and Faridah Àbiké-Íyímídé’s Ace of Spades. I also fell down the Emily Henry rabbit-hole and am very happy here.

Oh my goodness, I completely forgot to mention that I watched Scream (2022) and would like to maintain my whole-hearted support for Scream (2022). I adore the franchise so much, and that movie brought me so much joy (in a normal “I love these characters and writing and worldbuilding kind of way;” I realize it’s an odd statement to make about a slasher movie).

These are really the only updates I have; I will try to update this space if only to better keep track of the media I am consuming, but I will definitely update once I have a bit more to share! Thanks for reading my wayward airport thoughts.


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