Entering 2021 (1.4.21)

So it’s certainly been a minute since I’ve updated this blog side of my portfolio site. Long story short (and I’m hoping this is mostly self-explanatory), I needed to take some time to focus on my family, myself, and keeping up with school and work in the year that was 2020. I am so grateful to having been able to keep working and retaining a place of residence, and truly hope that if anyone is going through a hard time right now, that a little bit of light starts to shine through.

Not to get too existential about it, but something I’ve been thinking about a lot is when I was a kid and was weirdly determined to see a green flash before sunset. I spent a lot of my childhood moving around beachfront properties and had heard about this sort of mythical thing, this green flash as the sun hits the horizon, right before it sets. I have never seen it myself, but in the same way that this year has had so much darkness, I have to keep looking for bright spots even if they don’t feel like they’re so obvious.

So onto an actual update, I suppose, one that is not me waxing nothings about a year that we all know has been pretty terrible. I somehow made it out with all A’s last semester, which I’m honestly really proud of considering so many things that were going on for me throughout this semester. I also finished my first semester in my undergraduate research position and finished almost all of my graduate school applications. Also: my thesis! I finished it! Wow. I wish I had more coherent words about that experience and my work, but I’m honestly just so relieved and excited to do some more edits and expand on the thesis in the future. Soon I’ll make some kind of dedicated page on here for my thesis. I also had a successful first semester as president of the German Student Organization! Check out Fall Updates under my GSO link for more details there.

I also have watched an…interesting year in entertainment. I miss going to the movies so much (I’m fairly convinced the last movie I saw in theaters was Birds of Prey?) and have definitely taken part in pretty much every online movie premiere (yes, it’s ME who has the 4 star review of Scoob! on Letterboxd – take any grievances up with me here). Controversies aside, I am selfishly very excited to watch all of the new releases on HBO Max this year, quite simply because I just can’t go to a theater right now. That being said, the second I can safely go back to a movie theater? Popcorn in hand, I swear on the overpriced Dasani water bottle I’ll inevitably end up purchasing I will be there opening night.

So, plan moving forward: I am going to get back to updating this blog semi-weekly, and I am also excited to get back to regular posting on Dual Narration, an entertainment blog and podcast I run with my best friend. Both of us felt it necessary to take a step back (again, pandemic, shifting priorities, etc.), but both of us are now in a place in to put in the time it takes to put out a good product, and have plans to get things back in motion by the end of January.

I’m also going to get back on the movie/TV show watch train. I have a very long list of things I should have seen by now (The Flight Attendant and Queen’s Gambit at the very top TV show wise, followed by Soul and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on the movie side of things), and I used to be very good about purchasing a virtual ticket when I could from my local independent theater.

To keep with the trend, the things worth mentioning that I watched (I really did not watch much, unless you count me utilizing my HBO Max account to rewatch pretty much Pretty Little Liars, The O.C., and Shazam! almost exclusively – hence why I was not posting that much about things I was watching. It’s been a rough year, and I return to comfort content more often than not).

  • Teenage Bounty Hunters – Wow oh wow am I upset this show got canceled. This show had such excellent humor, and speaking as someone who grew up right north of where this show was set (but very much where the show was shot – I took the picture below the other day because I got very nostalgic passing by this set), it was such a great portrayal of one of the weirdest parts of Atlanta. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for something offbeat and kind of odd, but with lots of heart.
The remnants of the yogurt shop in downtown Chamblee…sad times.
  • The Haunting of Hill House/The Haunting of Bly Manor – Yes, I’m late. That didn’t make this watch any less phenomenal. I normally really don’t do horror, but on a whim, I turned on Hill House and barely stopped before I reached the ending. I am just so entranced by the way Mike Flanagan approaches horror, ghost stories specifically. Bly Manor was certainly less scary, but the story was just as gut-wrenching and beautifully executed.
  • The Wilds – I pretty much just watched this, and I am not the only one singing praises so I don’t feel I need to go on too much about this, but this was well worth the watch if anyone was on the fence. Definitely more Maze Runner vibes than I was expecting, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (especially when it at least is trying to counteract some of the pretty incessant tropes throughout the Maze Runner series).

Last but not least, here’s of course my 2020 Spotify playlist in full (Taylor Swift released two albums since the last time I’ve posted I’m realizing…I couldn’t even keep up with a blog. But what is the new year if not for new beginnings?). In case this is the first you’re reading a blog post, I fall off and on journaling, but the one thing I do every week without fail is create a playlist of the music I listened to that week – so this is all of my playlists combined (if for whatever reason you want to listen to all of the songs, click to open it in Spotify).

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