The show must go on I suppose. That’s pretty much the anthem of this week (not the actual song “The Show Must Go On,” not because that song isn’t great, because it is and is one of my all-time favorites, but my personal situation is in no way as dire).

To be completely honest, I am exhausted this week. Half of my GPA this semester was due in a three-day radius, and I have found it very difficult to work at home as I used to at school. I wrote around 24 pages this week (9 of them in German), not counting discussion posts and responses, and created two virtual PowerPoints. I also submitted a 45-page script on Wednesday that I co-wrote; while not the most taxing listed (it was actually a lot of fun), this was definitely a lot of time.

For my Transnational Literature class, my presentation and short paper were due this week. I’ll actually share the Powerpoint here, if only because I worked very, very hard to figure out how to post that PowerPoint virtually. Recording a PowerPoint presentation is very weird, I think. It was odd not to have any audience engagement, and I found myself stumbling over things that I normally wouldn’t. I am very excited to get back to in-person presentations at some point in my undergraduate career, but first, I have a few more virtual ones to go before I can rest.


I should get notes on my short paper soon, and once I do I will update that paper and then begin working on my longer paper for this course. The rough draft for that is due in two weeks, so I have a bit more time than normal. The paper is a 4-page essay on the topic that I presented. Guess who got to geek out about sociolinguistics and transnational cultural structures of language and storytelling among migratory communities??? (It was me. Sorry to leave you in suspense.)

For my Innovation in Entertainment class we are currently drafting a user experience prototype. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing, and as is the theme of this semester, this whole virtual school thing is not helping, but we’re getting there! We need to eventually get our pitch deck together. We’re not exactly sure when the pitch will be, but hey, what is one more uncertainty to go around right now.

For my German senior seminar, I finished my first draft of my final paper, which was around nine pages. We’re still keeping the same reading schedule, which to be honest is less than ideal, as these texts are not my favorite, dialectally speaking and content-wise. We are however putting together a newspaper that is supposed to be a semi-authentic German-American newspaper in 1850, and I have been put in charge. Workload-wise, this is not ideal, but concept-wise it is pretty cool. At least I hope it will be – we really don’t have much time to do this, and we really only found out what we’d be doing for it this week.

I finished my first draft of Global Industries Honors-option paper on the industrial implications of Skam (2015-2017)’s international success, despite the rampant piracy that exists among the transnational fandom. This is a continuation of my independent research last semester (on Skam‘s transnational fandom and its practices), and I hope to bring them both together in a thesis next semester. For the general class, I posted a discussion post on an article we read about OTT distribution in India, as well as discussing global media in the age of COVID-19. After I finished all of that, I worked with my partner to find sources for our final paper on Netflix’s current distribution and future in Argentina.

Speaking of my independent research, I had to create a virtual presentation for this year’s CURO Symposium. I had been planning on doing a PowerPoint, as it is meant to present a 15-page critical media studies paper, after all, but after tinkering with recording and captioning platform I needed to use, I realized that was not going to be an option. Queue me figuring out how to make a research poster – I actually am pretty pleased with the results. It’s not how I envisioned presenting at the symposium, but at least it’s something. I will eventually upload it on this site when I know that I’m allowed to.

Here is to a hopefully more chill week next week! Until then, stay safe & healthy 🙂

My Spotify this week (is 2020 the year to bring Bruce Springsteen back? Asking for a friend).

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