Classes are over! I officially only have two more projects due for school, and then I will officially finish the spring semester of my junior year. I’m not sure how much I will update this blog during the summer; I will probably limit posts to just be about specific events.

On Monday, I officially completed the paperwork for the German Student Organization to be re-registered for next year, with me taking over as primary contact and president! I’m really excited, as this has been the organization that I’ve been the most involved with throughout my undergraduate studies.

I officially turned in my final draft of my capstone paper on Tuesday and had my last class to discuss future plans within the department. We had two class days of my Innovation in Entertainment and practiced our pitch for next Monday’s final. All of this feels kind of anticlimactic, but I suppose that can’t be helped.

The newspaper!! Is finished!! I designed and created all of the content for the landing site (here) and wrote the press release featured on the Germanic & Slavic Studies website (here). I also served as one of two main editors for the newspaper as a whole, and if you follow the hyperlink over my name in the class list, you can read the article I wrote about the formation of the Second International in 1889 (all of the linguistic things were intentional, unfortunately. I honestly truly dislike that dialect but am pleased with the end product). I also submitted my revised final paper for Senior Seminar on Friday!

I watched many things this week (probably should not have, but amazing things have dropped on Netflix):

  • Outer Banks: So, I knew I would like this show. What I did not know is how I would love this show. For a tiny bit of context, my junior year of high school during finals week (around this time of year) was a very hard time for me personally due to some life circumstances at the time, and while I was trying to study for finals, I decided to take a much needed emotional break. On a whim, I turned on the pilot of The O.C. on the CW Seed. And it was my everything – in some ways it still is. Flash forward to junior year of college, and I, like so many others, am really struggling emotionally and mentally right now. So, on whim, I turned on Outer Banks. This show is The O.C.‘s older, more dangerous cousin, with a hint of The Goonies, and it is such wonderful fun that packs a punch. I adore it for its goofiness and moodiness, and it was definitely what I needed right now.
  • Parks and Rec special: Oh, this was so needed. I had a huge smile on my face for the whole special, and I also was pretty impressed with how they figured out the plot and set design with the Zoom format.
  • The Half of It: This movie was the movie I think we all needed in high school, and it was such a breath of fresh air. Every shot was beautiful, the acting was compelling, and the story was incredibly endearing. 10/10, five stars, every praise.

I also read Time of Our Lives, which is the new Wibbroka book (the wonderful married couple who write wonderful YA contemporary romance), and I really enjoyed it!

Here is what I’ve been listening to:

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