One. More. Week. This is the last full week of school! This semester honestly has me…completely rattled. Everything going on in the world, and moving back home, it’s all been less than conducive to me performing at my normal academic level. However, I have been reading more than normal, determined as I am to finish this readathon for April for the first time in my life.

For my Innovation in Entertainment course, we’re full steam ahead on our pitch. Stayed up…far too late Thursday night finishing our first PowerPoint draft. (Staying up too late on Thursday will become a trend in this update, by the way. Not procrastination, although I wish it were.)

Wrote my 10-page capstone paper (ahem, the aforementioned Thursday might have been involved) to submit for peer review. I just have to peer review two other essays, and then take the edits and update mine before Tuesday.

This final newspaper assignment has taken on a life of its own in my German senior seminar, namely: my life. This week is the main stretch: writing our articles, getting them edited, and sending them to the linguistics team for second to final edit. I’ve also been working with layout in order to get as much prep-work done as possible before our three-day grind to send the final paper off to press. I’m going to be generous and call this last-minute project an adventure. I honestly really like what we’ve been able to accomplish so far, but it certainly has not been a small amount of work.

We finished our final paper for Global Industries this week! (*cough* Thursday *cough*) We wrote about expansion tactics for Argentine Netflix. I now know an absurd amount about this specific topic, and that’s something that I am so excited to force my immediate family to learn more about it as we go further into this quarantine.

I got notes back on my Honors option paper, and they were about as expected. I’ve really been struggling with all of the essay writing that I’ve somehow set myself up for this semester. However, I have until May 6th to edit the paper and grow from it, so I’m excited to work on it. On a brighter note, this week was the virtual CURO Symposium, and people have really liked my presentation! I’ve actually been answering questions and having discussions on my poster link.

More good news: only two more days of actual class! I just have the final draft of my capstone paper due on Tuesday, the final cut of the newspaper due this coming Thursday, the final draft of my German paper due that Friday, our pitch rundown and presentation the following Monday, and finally the updated Honors option paper on May 6th. I do have such relief, because all of that is a reasonable workload. This past week has been less so for me, and I am quite tired.

But yes, I did read things! I read If I’m Being Honest by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka and A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson. I miss YA lit so much, and this was so wonderful to have for my (albeit limited) breaks this week!

Here is my playlist for this week:

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