Hi! I hope everyone is keeping it together right now. This week has honestly been a good week. It feels weird to admit this, as everything just feels not good right now, but this week had a lot of really small wonderful things in it:

  • On Monday, our pitch for Innovation in Entertainment finally got cleared! I’ve been working so hard with my group on this proposal, and I’m very excited to pull it all together in a pitch deck.
  • I turned in my first draft of my German senior seminar paper on Die Auswirkungen des Doppellebens bei deutschen Einwanderern in den USA des 19. Jahrhunderts. This paper has honestly been a struggle for me, so getting one step closer to having it done forever is a blessing.
  • The research grant application from my research mentor went through, and I’m officially cleared to work for her and design an Omeka site for her upcoming research project in the fall and spring! I’m really stoked for this, and it’ll serve as my capstone for my Digital Humanities certificate (plus – it’ll happen virtually whether or not we’re back on campus! Very much focusing on some certainties right now).
  • We had our first virtual Grady Ambassadors meeting, and it was nice to see everyone again and how they were doing. And to feel more in the loop with the university.
  • I pitched my capstone thesis for my Transnational European Studies minor to our academic advisor and our capstone lecturer, and it went really well! Time to finish my paper and survive the peer review (I’m writing about the role of intra- and inter-storytelling in identity formation and cultural establishment in migrant communities).

Nothing much else to report, but overall, just a good week for me academically.

Here’s what I’m listening to (not watching or reading much this week, but Ms. Florence Welch herself released a new song):

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