2.21.21 – A much-needed update

Hello! I am back online! Here’s the thing: honestly, when I go radio silent online, most of the time it just means one of two things – I’m too busy doing the work to write it up, or things in my personal life have taken on a much larger role to the point where it is all I can do to keep my head up with everything else. And, swell, January of 2021 really provided both. I am feeling like I am back on my feet and things are a bit calmer, but I am past making promises online about what I will be doing going forward, because I now am far too aware of the curveballs life can throw at you.

So! Some updates!

  • Starting with this site, I’ve done a much-needed update to get everything up to date for spring 2021. I’ve been so busy this semester that the way the site was initially structured was not working for my current projects as they were.
  • Speaking of sites, Dual Narration is back up and running! I am so excited for this project to officially be live, and I am currently editing the first episode of the site’s podcast.
  • Project updates:
    • I edited my broadcast society’s sizzle reel for our spring banquet, which was great to get back into Premiere and edit a quick spot.
    • So. Much. Coding. To the point where I am a little mad – I always had this mindset, which was fostered by my curriculum in the humanities, that coding was just too hard for left-brained people. The way coding would have saved me so much time in many of my projects has me just a smidge irritated with my past self. But no matter; I’ve been using Python, R, and SQL to work with APIs from Tumblr and Twitter, and I’ve been using Tableau in order to visualize these network analyses and datasets.
    • In addition to coding, my current project has really opened doors to speaking with fan studies academics and digital humanists, which I have really enjoyed. Last week alone I went to two different conferences (one of the only perks of Zoom!) on digital humanities, and next week I will be going to a fan studies conference.
    • I finished all of my grad school applications and I am just waiting to hear back from those programs. I’ve also been finishing internship applications, and I’ve actually gotten interviews, which have been a learning process for me for sure.
    • I just started as a Social Media & Outreach volunteer for the Organization of Transformative Works’ Fanlore, a wiki designed to preserve the histories of transformative works, fans, and fandoms. I am so excited about this; I’ve loved Fanlore for awhile and OTW for longer, so to be able to work with them as an org is such a great opportunity for the fun kind of work.
  • I am currently working on a promotional video for the Germanic & Slavic Department in a pre-production capacity, which has been fun just to work on a production in general. It’s been about a year since I’ve worked on a production during any stage, so helping on this video has been really great.

So, that’s really all that’s been happening the last month or so. Written out like that, it does not look like much, but I also have to keep reminding myself that my professional and academic life is only a portion of my actual life, and the amount of work that went into all of the applications and presentations do not look like much once you have a finished product. That list above does not include the time I took to move back home after my uncle’s death and the time I spent working through all of the family affairs with my father. Or the time spent with my mother organizing things after my grandmother ended up in the hospital, not to mention just the emotional weight of both of those things. And while I do not like to share too many family details on this blog, as it is not just my information, but I think it’s important for my mentality that I do acknowledge that I think I’m doing as well as I should expect. I’ve been really busy, and this year has not been the fresh start I kind of was relying on it to be. But there have been great things, and I realized a lot about my priorities when it comes to my family. There were opportunities that I did not pursue, but those are inconsequential considering the fact that my family needed me, and they’re just more important than anything I could accomplish professionally.

Anyways, that was more than I meant to say, honestly. I am still trying to find a balance of what I share on this portfolio site, so please, if you’re reading, bear with me. Onto fun updates:

  • Have not been the best at reading or watching movies this week, but the one thing I did watch that was just….absolutely phenomenal was It’s a Sin on HBO Max. Wow. Just…wow. I was sobbing for the last three episodes, so definitely go in expecting devastation, but that was one of the best pieces of television I’ve seen in a long time.
  • As always, check out my playlist from last week below.

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