Note: This certificate is purposefully designed to support any major, and thus many of my EMST courses actually counted for this certificate through either me Honors optioning the course or the emphasis on writing within the course itself.

  • Undergraduate Research Thesis Course (III) (Fall 2020)
  • Travel Writing (Summer 2018)
    • See EMST for description.
  • Critical Writing and Reviewing (Summer 2019)
    • See EMST for description.
  • Writing for Digital Media (Fall 2019)
    • See EMST for description.
  • ePortfolio Workshop (Spring 2021)
    • ENGL4834 is the capstone course for this certificate for which we created our undergraduate writing portfolios.
    • I learned so much about looking at your own writing and highlighting your work in a portfolio for a specific audience.

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