In January of 2020, I was accepted to go to New York City with DiGamma Kappa Broadcasting Society for the annual DGK Weekend and Grady Greats!

I’ve been in DGK since my sophomore year, so getting to go on this trip that I’d heard so much about was really wonderful. We spent five days in New York networking and touring newsrooms, advertising agencies/PR firms, and even 30 Rock!

Our last full day in New York was dedicated to filming the Grady Greats segment, this year’s installment entitled Grady Greats: The Road to 2020. This series was created to engage with prominent Grady College alumni in the journalism field, and DGK members chosen to go to New York serve as producers for the segment!

I also wrote, produced, and edited the introduction with the guidance of our DGK faculty mentor. Final package coming soon to Grady Newsource.

I would love to go back to New York some day (we’ll see if it’s a visit, for school, for work, or all three – who knows), and I’m really happy that my first real visit during college was with such a wonderful group doing such fun things!