This summer I am still working in the Brown Media Archives & Peabody Awards Collection and as a research assistant for Franklin College of Arts & Science (until mid-June). I also am a volunteer on the Social Media & Outreach Staff of Fanlore (a wiki owned by the Organization of Transformative Works that was created in order to preserve the history of transformative works, fans, and fandoms). 

This June I am presenting my work (discussed below) at the virtual DHSI Conference & Colloquium and will be submitting a conference paper afterward. Beyond this, I am slowly updating my resume and portfolio site, finishing up some analytics coursework, and preparing for my move to Austin for graduate school!


My CURO (Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities) thesis was the culmination of my research into transnational media with a specific concentration on transnational active audiences in digital spaces. My case study in this is the Norwegian teen web series Skam (NRK 2015-2017) and its subsequent global franchise. You can click here to see more of my work within this study and on Skam itself. 

My work this past semester expanded this project by looking specifically at the piracy practice of the fans and industrial players, and what that means as far as the standard industrial perception of piracy. You can read more and view my presentation here



 I started working as an undergraduate research assistant in the fall 2020 semester for a professor in the Art History department. I am building an Omeka site within the larger Special Collections site for the professor’s research. The site will go live in 2023.

This summer I am mainly polishing up the site before we submit the report to the grant committee, and making sure that it is in a place that can be easily edited should any changes need to be made down the line. I have gotten much better with HTML through this project and learned a new kind of visual communication style suited for exhibits. 

decorative graphic for Omeka site project