So, as the title of this post implies, I have 1) graduated and 2) been spending more time revisiting my Norwegian family and therefore my pretty subpar (yet adequate, I remind myself to say, as this is my portfolio site and I should not be self-deprecating on a portfolio siteContinue Reading

Hello! I am back online! Here’s the thing: honestly, when I go radio silent online, most of the time it just means one of two things – I’m too busy doing the work to write it up, or things in my personal life have taken on a much larger roleContinue Reading

So it’s certainly been a minute since I’ve updated this blog side of my portfolio site. Long story short (and I’m hoping this is mostly self-explanatory), I needed to take some time to focus on my family, myself, and keeping up with school and work in the year that wasContinue Reading

Classes are over! I officially only have two more projects due for school, and then I will officially finish the spring semester of my junior year. I’m not sure how much I will update this blog during the summer; I will probably limit posts to just be about specific events.Continue Reading

One. More. Week. This is the last full week of school! This semester honestly has me…completely rattled. Everything going on in the world, and moving back home, it’s all been less than conducive to me performing at my normal academic level. However, I have been reading more than normal, determinedContinue Reading

Hi! I hope everyone is keeping it together right now. This week has honestly been a good week. It feels weird to admit this, as everything just feels not good right now, but this week had a lot of really small wonderful things in it: On Monday, our pitch forContinue Reading

The show must go on I suppose. That’s pretty much the anthem of this week (not the actual song “The Show Must Go On,” not because that song isn’t great, because it is and is one of my all-time favorites, but my personal situation is in no way as dire).Continue Reading