Academia I Promise is my more fannish/social academic endeavors in life. While I definitely do not truly intend to showcase any of it in a professional setting (considering the emphasis on Tumblr and YouTube), it is something I have a lot of fun with and spend a decent amount of time doing! Editing fan videos is how I learned to use iMovie and eventually Final Cut Pro, and even some elements of the Adobe Suite.

I run a series on my Tumblr giving out study tips to first year college students in 2020. Click the image below to see! These make me happy as I spent the majority of my college career as a TA for a first year seminar course in the Honors Program – I love feeling like I can offer some guidance to underclassmen and make them maybe feel less alone.

Click below for the YouTube if you want to (there is no brand, there is only things I want to post about).